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Oakland Raiders: Better Than Ever?

One of the teams I am really going to be watching in the AFC (besides my most favorite team the Patriots) is the Oakland Raiders. some people say that if QB Derek Carr hadn't got injured last season, the playoffs would have gone different. If you were to ask my personal opinion, I agree.

Here is the thing, if they were a force last season, what will they be this season? A year older & more in sync. They have a better understanding of their offensive scheme, and most of all their addition (Marshawn Lynch) to their already powerful and forceful offense. This team can really go the distance. The question that I have been asked is will they be able to stand against the mighty New England Patriots? Only time will tell. I can say that I'm eager to see them match-up in week 11 when they host the Super-Bowl champion Patriots. It will be a great battle but ultimately I believe the Patriots will win it (yes I'm biased lol)

One of the hottest topics in football this upcoming season will be "Beast Mode."For every one who thinks that Marshawn Lynch has lost anything I say to you just watch him play this upcoming season. He has had a year to rest and be objective about what he can do to be an even better RB. Also he is now playing for a team that he rooted for as a young man. Just those two facts in my opinion will give him fresh legs and and a burning intensity to destroy anything in his path.

However, when I look the Raiders stats last season: 5th in overall offense but 26th in overall defense, I think that maybe all the talk about them being Super Bowl contenders may just be talk and anticipation. I will not count them out though. This is one of those teams that has been under the radar for a few years and they have proven that when you undervalue their football ability you could be taking a loss when you face them. That said, it is detrimental for them to have a solid defense if they want to go the distance.

The Oakland Raiders I think will be a contender in the playoffs. Marshawn Lynch will do what he has always done. Derek Carr will have one of his greatest seasons along with superstar receivers Micheal Crabtree and Amari Cooper. If you're Sleep on this team I'm telling you right now, you better wake up! Are they better than ever? Maybe I can't say. One thing I can say is they will be better than they were last season.

Thanks for reading! Do you agree or disagree? Leave your comments below. Share with all football lovers!

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