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Are the New Orleans Saints Super-Bowl Bound?

The number one question all saints fans want to know is: when are they going back to the Superbowl? Judging by the things they have been doing this off-season it would seem like they are gearing up to make their Superbowl appearance once again. I personally think they have more to overcome before they can reach such a grand finale.

One good decision the Saints made is they added the soon to be hall of fame running back Adrian Peterson to their roster. He would have been a major addition to any offense he plays for. Not to mention their already great running back Mark Ingram and the new rookie RB Alvin Kamara. They seem to be putting together a great offense for the upcoming season.

To me New Orleans offense is similar to the high powered offense of the Atlanta Falcons last season. They now have an even stronger running-back core that can catch coming out of the backfield as well as pick up ground yards up the middle or around the corner. The Saints seem to have gone back to their dual running-back scheme from years ago and integrated a few new concepts. Coupled with their already solid passing strategy (Drew Brees) New Orleans is sure to be an offensive force to be reckoned with.

The troubles of New Orleans however hasn't been offensive production, it has been defense. The only way scoring points will win games is if you're able to stop the opposing team from scoring points. The issue with the New Orleans Saints is not whether they can put up points, it's whether they can effectively stop other teams from putting up points. Last season they proved they couldn't stop barely anyone. Almost every game was a shootout (who can score the most points before the clock runs out).

This brings me to the conclusion that the New Orleans saints are not Super bowl ready. Last season the Saints were 27th in overall defense while their offense ranked number 1! Their offense was number ONE?! That is amazing considering they did not make the playoffs and had a season record of 7-9. They were 3rd in their division only surpassing the troubled Carolina Panthers. This only bring us to the realization that the Saints, while making great decisions on offense should have had the same enthusiasm towards their defense. As the saying goes, offense may win the game, but it takes a solid defense to win a championship. Defense is where they are weakest, and that is the reason the Saints are going to have a tough time making it to the Super bowl. Me personally, I doubt it. Sorry Saints fans. . .

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