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Who Will Win The Super Bowl

The 2018 season is drawing to it's magnificent conclusion. The games this weekend will decide who advances to the Super Bowl & I must say I am not shocked that the top 4 teams are the teams that remain. They are the most dominant teams & surprisingly do definitely deserve their spots in the playoffs. On the AFC side the number 1 seed Saints will host the number 2 seed Rams. Across from them the number 1 Kansas City Chiefs will host the number 2 seed Patriots. The winner of these two games will decide who appears in this years Super Bowl.

I must admit the 4 teams are the most deserving to be at this point. The Saints have fought their way to the number one seed by defeating the #2 seed Rams earlier this season. However after their loss to the Cowboys they have not looked as dominant. The Rams were looking as though they were on a decline as well towards the end of the season, however their win over the Cowboys in the Divisional round here in the playoffs last week proved that they are in the best of shape & back to their overpowering & dominant selves. They won that game with a commanding, dominant performance.

Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs have looked overpowering all season. Even with their loss of Kareem Hunt they have still been nearly unstoppable this season. Even the games they lost were close all the way to the end. Which brings us to my favorite team the New England Patriots. I must say that of the teams in the playoffs the Patriots don't seem to have any glaring dominance. Of the games won & lost they seem to have the least fire power & lack of skill positions, yet they just continue to win games. I personally am amazed that they still remain in the playoffs but they are making me proud. This Patriots team has been flying under the radar but I do believe they can win the super bowl despite the odds. Never sleep on Bill Belichick or bet against Tom Brady.

Of the 4 teams that are left any one of them could definitely make it to & win the Super Bowl. So how can a person pick one? I will tell you: Consistency! I don't mean the obvious consistent team which would be the Patriots (even though they are my favorite team) they have not been the most consistent this season. While I believe the Patriots have a chance to make it to the Super Bowl, my prediction to win the Super Bowl this year is the Los Angeles Rams. They are the most complete team & they have been the most consistent this season. The biggest loss in my opinion they have had this season was to the Bears. However in all of their other wins it seems like this team only plays to half of it's potential. They turn it on when they need it most but then ease off of the gas whenever possible. The thing I can say about this team is that when it's time for them to show up & make plays they are the most consistent & dangerous.

The Rams have lost this season which proves they aren't invincible, however I believe that with all cylinders firing I don't see any team that can match & overcome them playing an entire game at their fullest potential. If Drew Brees doesn't stop them this weekend they will win the super bowl. However. . .

In the event that Tom Brady & the mighty Patriots do make it past Kansas City & the Saints manage to stop the Rams, the Patriots will win that game (lol you know I can't count Tom Brady out).

Be sure to check out this weekend's games & tell me what you think! #letsargue

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