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New England Patriots!

As many of you know I love football! It is my favorite sport for various reasons. Of the many NFL teams my favorite must be the standard of great football which we all know is the New England Patriots. The leader & QB for this team is Captain Tom Brady The GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME #letsargue (lol). Notice I didn't say arguably because this is a proven fact not simply a statement.

A testament to his greatness is the season they are having success this season. Their receiving core is depleted, Sony Michel can barely stay healthy, Rob Gronkowski is clearly on his last leg, elbow, back, & knee (lol) with much respect, & Julian Edelman has simply not been who we last saw him to be. However despite all of these setbacks they still manged to have the #2 seed. I can't think of any other team or QB that could have accomplished this. Who gets credit? Captain Tom Brady & Bill Belichick.

There are few QB's this season who surpass this team & this QB in wins & statistics but no one can say that this team hasn't proved to be the standard of great team football. This weekend the Pats face Phillip Rivers & the Chargers in the divisional round of the playoffs & it's looking to be a great match-up. Can the Chargers beat the Patriots? Of course they could, but the flip side to this coin is that the Patriots have the potential to once again do what they do & that is win football games.

The Chargers look great on paper but as we well know that looking good on paper doesn't matter on game day. My prediction for this match-up is the Patriots win it in a close game 3 point differential. I think Phillip Rivers is great & despite my prediction I wouldn't be as bothered if the Pats lose to Phil & the Chargers this Sunday. After all he hasn't won 1 & Tom has won 5 (should be 6). So if the Pats do come up a little short I wouldn't be bothered, he deserves it. Besides the Pats will be right back here next year. This is just hypothetically speaking of course because I believe Tom & the Pats will take care of business this weekend & that's all I have to say about that! #letsargue

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