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Cam Newton why did you do this?! "The Male Romper Rave"

Rompers, rompers, rompers! Recently these things have been talked about everywhere you look. To be honest I didn't know what a romper was. The reason I didn't know the name of it was because it wasn't something that men would wear... until Cam Newton in 2017!

The first adult man I saw wearing a romper was Cam Newton and OMG (Oh My God)! He looked so funny! I remember saying "Is he really wearing an adult onesie?" let me say that I am a supporter of new fashion and I'm all for change and thinking outside the box. With that said there are some things that were made for women that should just stay for women lol (laugh out loud). You can't put on a dress (if you're a man) and decide that it's a fashion trend. NO!

I'm just going to ask a question that I have been wanting to ask about Cam: Is he secretly gay? Judging from his fashion choices I'm starting to have questions. I have nothing against gay men, every person has their preference, but I would like to know up front. Cam is a great athlete who is a proven franchise quarterback. Going 15-1 and being named MVP of the National Football League in a season is self explanatory. He can flat out play football. With that said I'm unsure of whether he is a straight great quarterback or a gay great quarterback.

To everyone who wants to make a statement in fashion I applaud you. The place that I draw my fashion lines are very different from everyone else. My conclusion about the male romper is the same conclusion about male skinny jeans: EVERY PAIR SHOULD BE BURNED AND CEASE TO EXIST! lol

Thanks for reading, please share! Leave your comments and come back for more! (this is all in good fun so please don't take it too seriously)

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