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Change Comes THROUGH You, Not To You

I can remember a time in my life that I believed things were going to happen for me. I believed that I was destined to get a big break. I thought that my life was going to be easy because I was gifted & talented, all I had to do was wait & God was going to send the blessing to me. So I waited, & waited, & waited some more and after a while sure enough. . . nothing happened. That’s right NOTHING HAPPENED. I remember being so upset with God. Where was my big break? Where was this big blessing that I kept hearing about? Where was the blessing that He was supposed to pour out that I didn’t have room enough to receive? I’m sure there are many of you who are secretly asking this same question when you hear the preacher say it. If you were like me I was still waiting. I had a lot of room to receive lol. It wasn’t until sometime later that I realized my flawed thinking. All that time I had been waiting for something to happen but I should have been working for something to happen.

Many people come to me because they think I can just pray their problems away. There was a young man who came to me asking for prayer. He shared with me some of the issues he was dealing with & it brought us both to tears. I began praying for him & at the end of the prayer I asked him only two questions: 1st I asked “do you want things in your life to change?” He nodded. Then I asked, “what do you intend to do from now on to make things change in your life?” He looked surprised at the 2nd question. Finally, it occurred to me that he was expecting me to say some church/preacher answer. I guess he was expecting me to tell him to turn around 3 times and give God a praise & God is going to fix every broken area in his life. I told him exactly what the Bible teaches “God is going to fix it, but God is going to use your hands to do it.” There was no shout (lol). Many people go to church or pray because they believe that doing those things will magically change their problems. In reality going to church & praying alone don’t change problems that your actions create. After your tears and prayers the question still remains what are your actions going to DO to change what you don’t like about your life?

Today I want you to get the epiphany I got 8 years ago. Most people spend their lives hoping & wishing for things to change. Everyone expects life to get better by itself. I am here to let you know that wishes, tears, hopes, & prayers alone don’t change anything. Those things do bring you closer to God spiritually, but those things alone will not change your life physically or financially. The only thing that brings change is ACTIONS & ATTITUDE. If you want to see change in your life you have to pair those tears, prayers, & hopes together with a changed ATTITUDE & changed ACTIONS!

I want you to make a list of the things you want to change the most in your life. Write down the things you are praying for God to fix. After that I want you to look at that list & see if there are things on that list that you have direct control over. Have you been praying for God to do something that you have the power to do yourself? Many people pray for more money but won’t change their spending habits or educate themselves about how to correctly use money. Many people pray for a better relationship with their husband or wife/boyfriend or girlfriend, but don’t change how they treat them. Or they continue to choose the same type of person in their next relationship. The truth of the matter is if change is going to come in any area of your life it’s going to come THROUGH you, not TO you.

Don’t spend any more seconds of your life waiting & complaining. Those are two things that DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING! Instead of talking about how much you don’t like something, start thinking of how you plan to change it & make it better. The only thing that is going to bring change in your life is YOU. Your actions, attitude, behavior, choices, & decisions are the things that bring change. Stop waiting for change & start working for change. Remember I said this “Change doesn’t come to you, it comes through you!”

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