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Better Choices For A Better Future

I believe that poor decisions are made because of the lack of understanding & proper assessment of a situation. Many lack the ability to correctly asses a situation & then make a wise decision accordingly. One of the things I began training my children to do from a young age is to make decisions. I allowed certain controlled freedoms and gave them options. Some may disagree with this method, but I wanted to make them conscious of their ability to choose & more importantly their putting thought into making their choice. I allowed them the freedom to choose wrong in order to teach them not just to make the right decisions, but also to give them the understanding as to why the correct decision needs to be made. In doing this I didn’t teach them what to choose I trained them HOW to choose.

I believe that sometimes God allows things to happen in our lives to teach us that it is our responsibility to make wise decisions. Maybe someone broke your heart, or disappointed you, or betrayed your trust. I want to place this thought in your mind: maybe your painful experience was a sign that you need to be more cautious with your heart, time, effort, & energy. The experience may have been painful, but the lesson proved valuable. You must be the guardian of your heart. You must be able to make the best decision for your peace & happiness.

You must be the guardian of your dreams, goals, & vision. My question to you today is: What guides your decisions? Are you led by what you want or what you want to accomplish? The truth is that many are led by immediate gratification. In other words what you feel now effects what choices you make. While I understand this thought process it has been proven that this is NOT the most productive process for making life decisions. Understanding & focusing on what you want to accomplish brings a different understanding to how one feels in the moment. In the moment you may feel one way, but because you want to accomplish something greater you must learn to push past how you feel in the moment in pursuit of the end RESULT.

Today I want you re-think your decision making strategy. Ask yourself am I making this decision because of what I want now, or for what I want to accomplish later. I am here to assure you that chasing how you feel in the moment only wastes time, energy, & effort. I learned the hard way that feelings have to be sacrificed in any moment if anything worth accomplishing is to be achieved. Many of the most significant & important things about life are often the most tedious to follow through with. However, when these things are done, they bring about priceless results. Begin making better decisions today & I can guarantee it will bring you better results tomorrow.

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