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Has Life Stripped You of Living

The more I talk to people one thing that never changes is that everyone is dealing with something. Everyone faces challenges and obstacles. The proper response to the question "How are you today?" has become so uniform & habitual that many don't hesitate to say "I'm fine". Of course it's impolite to go into the various problems you are facing with someone who is simply being polite by asking the question. The aim of this read isn't to get you to go into a complete life breakdown to the next person who asks you this question (lol). The aim of this post is to get you to mean it when you say "I'm good!". I want you to go from fine to fantastic & be genuine when you respond with it.

I want you to ask yourself these questions: Am I proud of the person I have become? Am I genuinely pleased with the person I am becoming? These two questions are simple but have significant meaning & purpose in answering. Are you becoming the person you truly want to be or are you becoming what the prevailing ideas have deemed you should be? Are you becoming who "they" (whoever they may be in your life) expect you to become or are you becoming who you know you want to be? Are your thoughts your own or have they been implanted into your psyche by the prevailing ideas & expectations. Are you truly happy with YOU? Are you happy with where your life is headed? I want you to really look into yourself & answer these questions. It's a new year but I'm afraid that many are living in the same old mundane existence.

My son asked me the "Dad what is a good career for me to have where I can be successful & make a lot of money?". I responded by saying that a career should be chosen with tha goal of doing more than just making money. If your goal is to make money you can achieve this goal. However making money doesn't necessarily make you successful. My idea of success is making money while doing the thing that you truly love and enjoy. To me success is the ability to support yourself while leaving your contribution on humanity. This goes beyond making money to being effective & living a fulfilling life. Are you truly fulfilled in the life you are living? Are you successful or are you simply making a lot of money?

Sometimes the struggle of life has a way of stripping us of passion & purpose. Without these we become drones just going through the motions of life but not actually living. There will always be challenges to face & obstacles to overcome. These can't be the reason that you give up on pursuing your purpose. We have to learn to push past the problems in pursuit of something greater. Every experience in your life serves a purpose whether good or bad. I can assure you the purpose for your obstacles is not to send you the message to become numb to your life. Life is hard for everyone but the great men & women learn how to use pain & frustration as fuel. I remember reading a great quote but I don't know who it's from but it says "Great pressure causes some men to break, the same pressure causes other men to break records". My question is which one are you? Push past your obstacles to become greater. Your purpose far outweighs your problems. Don't just have a life, LIVE IN IT and ENJOY EVERY MOMENT!

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