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Keep The Faith

Why is it so hard to remain faithful? Have you ever asked yourself that? Why is it so hard to live the Godly way? I know I’m not the only one who has thought of this. Why does God have to make it so hard to live His way (lol). I remember thinking to myself that living God’s way was impossible for me. I thought that I would never get to a place that I could remain sane & live Godly (lol). The things that God requires (at the time) seemed to be asking more than I could give, or should I say more than I was ready to give up. My faith was like the mustard seed faith that we hear so much about in church. Many of us can identify with this type of faith since it is so small. In the seed phase of faith denial of immediate gratification is non-existent.

Many people have the mustard seed faith. It’s nothing wrong with the mustard seed faith. God will honor that faith as He will the mature faith but the understanding of faith is that our faith must grow from mustard seed to the full grown tree. I say all the time that God wants us to come as we are but He doesn’t want us to stay as we come. God by design wants us to come to the point of maturity. I learned that faith in the seed stage has very little power to do anything except call God when there is difficulty. I am writing to tell you that there are higher levels that I have experienced & am presently experiencing!

Let me tell you that God wants you to grow. How does God make you grow? He places you in situations where you have to use your faith to guide your decision. He allows you to get in a situation where all you have is your Christian moral compass to guide your decision. Or maybe you have found yourself in the type of situation where you’re praying & praying but it seems that God isn’t even listening. Yes, He is listening but He is also watching. I had to learn that the teacher is always silent during the test. He has you in the test because He wants to see how you will respond. Will you choose instant gratification or will you choose with your faith?

Many people do not deal with the type of faith that trusts God enough to delay their instant gratification for a later reward. Many don’t highlight the kind of faith that says no to a thing even though it’s available to you because God said don’t bother it in light of a future reward. This is how God tests your faith. He puts you in a situation where you know what you’re supposed to do, but it’s your decision. These are the tests that prove growth. If you haven’t passed your test don’t be discouraged, God will send you through it again because He wants to see you pass it. Here’s the best part, God is testing you because He wants to bless you. He is seeing if you are ready to handle the greater responsibility of what He is about to bring you into. My message to you today is to keep the faith during your test!

Yes, I know that you want it bad! Yes, I know you want to give in to temptation, trust me I do, but I want to remind you that anything worth having is worth making a sacrifice for. Today is just to remind you that God is faithful in what He promised. He is silent because He is seeing if you are going to choose your faith or choose your feelings. What you choose will determine whether or not you are ready for what God wants to give you. Keep the faith! Delayed gratification is where the blessing is. As you get older you recognize that the best things in life come because of sacrifice. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a present desire in order to get a future reward. This is how faith works. Keep the faith long enough to say no until God opens the door for your yes! I am here to tell you that when you start learning to choose faith over how you may be feeling at a certain moment you open the door for God to do things in your life that you haven’t seen! I’m a witness that as your faith grows so does the activity of God in your life. I am not writing this because it sounds “religious” to say. I’m telling you this because I have tried it & found it to be true! Faith is the ability to believe in something enough that you will change your habits & behavior to achieve results that you can’t presently see but you believe will happen in the near or distant future. My question to you is can you keep the faith long enough to SEE God move in your life. I can write with confidence & dare you to try this thing called faith in God. Just try it! I guarantee that God will open doors that will amaze you & the people who you share it with. Keep the faith! Try God! You will not be disappointed. #beblessed

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