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Disconnections Are Necessary For Your Success

The more I chase after my blessing of being successful the more I realize that the road is filled with things I call intangibles. These “intangibles” are things that don’t seem related to reaching success. Things that seem to have nothing to do with reaching your place of blessing & success. There are things about your life that you have to adjust, & habits that you have to change. The most difficult of sacrifices I had to make was my relationship with some people. There were some people & things I had to cut out of my life altogether while other things I just had to take a few steps back from.

I wish I could tell you that everyone is meant to travel the journey with you. I wish I could tell you that the same people you begin your journey with will end it with you but it doesn’t happen that way. Success is a great thing to accomplish & everyone wants to get there until the demand of the cost meets them. It’s then that they realize they have to make a choice. One of the prices one must pay in order to reach success is the price of disconnections. If you want to reach success be prepared for disconnections. You may have to release things that you really like. Prepare to let go of people who you may want to go with you but who aren’t willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

When I started my journey, I began with the thought that the people who I loved and cared about would begin their journey along with me. Needless to say, I was wrong. Many of them only watched me. Some of them made jokes about me making changes, while others just mocked me. I had to make a choice whether to stay around certain people & constantly hear their ridicule or take a step back from them. I could try & pull those people along with me as I made my changes or I could just leave them wherever they wanted to be. It was a hard lesson but eventually I learned that staying around those who ridiculed me or trying to pull those who didn’t really want to make the necessary changes only proved to do more damage to me. It became clear that if I wanted to reach my goals that I was going to have to change some of the people in my life.

I decided that I needed to be around people who would encourage me instead of criticize me. I needed people who would empower me & not manipulate me. I decided that I would begin to distance myself from everyone who wasn’t going in my direction. If I was going to be successful I knew I had to remove myself from those who were more of a distraction than encouragement to my forward progress. I made this decision not because I’m a mean person but because I had a made-up mind to change the direction of my life. There were habits I had that I realized could not go with me as I was becoming who I needed to become to reach success. I was smoking weed & cigarettes, drinking pretty much every day, I had multiple women I was dealing with, & I was very lazy. I can assure you my life was the product of such habits. These things only became more of a distraction in crunch time. When it was time for me to be productive & I needed to accomplish the most important things I had to make a choice. Was I going to allow myself to drink on the day I needed to be productive? Did I need to go take a smoke break while I was working on marketing strategies? Or did the time I spent doing those things take away from my level of productivity? I had to make a choice that I wanted to be successful more than I wanted those things. When I started choosing my success over unproductive people & unproductive things that’s when I started to see my life go upward.

Today I want you to consider some things that are in your life. Consider some things that are counter-productive in your life. What things could you spend less time chasing so that you can have more time to accomplish the more important things. I want you to realize that disconnections are necessary if you want to reach success. There are habits that you are going to have to choose to release not because you don’t want to do them but because you want to reach your place of success more. What is more important to you? Today recognize that there will be some people you must release. The good thing about releasing people is when you release the wrong people you free yourself to receive the right people. There is nothing not a person or a thing that I have let go that God has not blessed me with something or someone who is a better fit for where I’m trying to go. The reason you disconnect is so that God can create new connections. Don’t be afraid to lose things nor people that aren’t going to help you along your journey anyway. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice negative relationships but trust that God will bring positive ones. There is no way you can lift to your place of greatness if you’re holding on to things or people who are anchored to the ground. Release so that you can RISE to your place of blessing & success in God!

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