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The Power of Focus

I believe the thing that is a very big hindrance to people who aspire to do something great in their life is the inability to focus. The world we live in seems to be moving faster & faster by the second. We have cell phones that catch our attention & keep our attention. There are television shows, Youtube, Netflix, Redbox, playstation, X-Box, & many more things that have the power to catch & keep our attention. These things are meant to be for our entertainment which absolutely do their job but the question becomes how productive have you become while engaging these and other attention grabbing things.

I must say that I enjoy all these & other entertainment sources however I recognize that they must be put in their proper place. Many of us tend to overlook the destructive power of not being able to focus on the things that are more important. Have you ever thought "I'll just get on Facebook for a quick second to check my notifications" but then ended up sitting there for an hour (or more). Maybe your weakness is Instagram. There is nothing wrong with these connecting tools however as I stated they must be put in their proper place if you intend to create significant success.

I want you to think about what has your attention most of the time. What are you looking at & or thinking about throughout the course of your day? What if I told you that one of the tactics of the devil is to keep your mind entangled with so many insignificant things so that you can't focus on the most significant things. What if the devil's job wasn't to destroy your life but to distract your life? How does the devil steal? He steals time that you will never get back. He steals your attention away from the things that need it the most so that you miss opportunities & ideas. It's very simple but it's very vital. The devil doesn't work to stop you he works to distract you. If you can stay frustrated on the things that don't matter you will never be able to focus on the things that do.

I want you to consider this concept that's called "be here now". It means that whatever you are in place to do at the moment, rid yourself of anything & everything else to help your mind to focus on the thing that is present. This will take some practice because many of us are so used to having our phones that it's virtually impossible. My recommendation: Put your phone on silent. begin setting boundaries for the things and people that are most important in your life. When you're with your children FOCUS ON THEM. They need your time & your attention. To be in the house with them is not the same as spending time with them. Turn your phone on silent and give them your full attention. This same practice applies to your business, your marriage/relationship, & anything else that requires your attention.

Tony Robbins said it best "where your focus goes your energy flows". If you want to create better connections with your children, spouse, friends, or whoever you deem important in your life learn to FOCUS. If you want to advance in your career or in your business it's imperative that you learn to FOCUS! Focus your attention & focus your efforts & over time you will see that the power of focus will change your life! Today get in the habit of training your mind to FOCUS on the things that need your attention, time, & efforts. Focus on the things that are most important. #beblessed

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