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Speak into Your Own GREATNESS!

I think that one of the most destructive things in society today is low of self-esteem. It amazes me at how many people suffer with depression, or feeling inadequate in some way, shape, or form. I have met many people who suffer with thoughts that were projected onto their psyche by other people. It may amaze you but words have so much power that you may not even realize the effect they have on you.

I want you to think of all the things that were said to you that were negative. Think of the things people have said about you that still play back on your mind today. Has that thought made a difference? Maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t but the fact that you can remember it is evidence that it had some type of effect on you. The power of negative words has damaged people in so many ways. The impact from a person’s negative words can have such a destructive impact on how you feel about yourself. It’s painful & it takes time to overcome. My question is what are you saying to yourself though?

This blog is not about the negative things people have said about you. This blog is about what you are saying to yourself. I have good news for you. If negative words can hurt you, positive words can help you! Where negative words break you positive words mend you. I wrote this blog to tell you about the absolute greatness you have inside of you. The trick of the enemy is to make you stop believing in that greatness. His job is to make you think you have nothing to offer. He wants to make you think you’re a nobody. I am here to remind you of just the opposite. God made you special, full of power & light. You may have experienced some challenges & some setbacks but that does not take away from your greatness! As John Maxwell said “The most important person you talk to is yourself so be careful what you say”.

Today I want to help you break a habit as well as build a new habit. I want you to break the habit of thinking negative about yourself. I want you to see the reality but not speak negatively about it. Here’s an example: My daughter told me that I was fat. She didn’t say that in a mean or negative way she was just pointing out something she saw. My other kids laughed about it because it was really meant to be a roast about dad (lol). It was funny however I say this to point out that people will have their own view of you. When I looked in the mirror I saw that I had gained some weight but I didn’t see a fat man. I saw the version of Marcus that had gained some weight (lol). The point here is that I saw the reality but I didn’t see that in a negative light. I am human which means I am capable of gaining weight. Me gaining weight doesn’t make me a failure, or ugly, nor unattractive though. Here’s the positive truth, If I am capable of gaining weight then I am capable of losing weight.

It doesn’t matter what is said about you it only matters what you are saying about yourself. Stop telling yourself what someone else has said about you & begin to give yourself a voice! Tell yourself how great and magnificent you are. Stop telling yourself the negative & start telling yourself the positive. Build yourself up with your words don’t break yourself down. Break the habit of seeing what other people see. Stop looking at yourself through their eyes & start seeing yourself through your eyes. What do you think about you? What does God think about you? God made you with the capacity to adapt to any circumstance. He made you with the ability to overcome any obstacle. You have so much strength inside of you that God doesn’t have to shield you from the negativity, He just needs to remind you of the greater power you have inside of you.

Today I want you to build the habit of speaking into your own greatness. Remind yourself that you can do anything through Christ that gives you strength. Remind yourself that you are not your past mistakes. You are not your past failures. You are not what someone else has called you. You have the power to become more than you have ever imagined! Break the habit of speaking to your weakness & start speaking to your strength. You are GREAT & don’t allow anyone to change your mind about that! Continue to become who you were created to be. You can do it! You can reach it! You can achieve it! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

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