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No Shortcuts! Stay On Course

One of the major difficulties of reaching success is the journey. I would say everyone wants to be successful but few people actually reach it because the journey is so difficult. Without realizing it we all are expecting to find a shortcut. We all believe that we will find that magical thing that will make the journey non-existent for us. Everyone seems to believe that the road to success has a back-road that leads off the normally accepted tedious journey. As you & I have discovered no such path exists.

It's actually funny now that I consider that I expected success to over take me without any effort from me. I just knew I had the secret formula. Until the journey showed me that shortcuts to success DO NOT EXIST! Chances are very slim that you will win the lottery or rise to fame & fortune overnight just because you want it to. It just doesn't happen. I heard a quote that I want to share. I don't remember who said it or where I got it from but the quote goes like this: "there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs." I love this quote because it is so real! If you're looking for the elevator to take you up to success you might as well stop looking. It's going to take the process of climbing up step by step.

If I could leave you with anything I would tell you to learn to appreciate the journey upward. Think about taking an elevator with a window. You will see a lot of things, but you will see them very quickly. something may catch your attention but you won't be able to actually see it because you're moving so fast. Consider how many things you will miss. You will see a lot on your way up but you will also miss a lot also. Now consider that same journey taking the stairs. It is a longer journey & much more challenging but you have the chance to actually take the time to enjoy all the great sights on your way up. You have time to experience things that you may have otherwise overlooked. Maybe some would rather the quick ride up but I believe a person can appreciate the destination more when they recognize how many things they climbed over to get there.

Today I want to encourage you to appreciate the journey. There are no shortcuts to your place of success. The blessing is in the journey. Your character is built in the journey. The lessons are learned as you go through the journey. You may think that your journey is taking too long but I believe God allows us to continue the journey as long as we need it to grow. Today begin to pray & ask God what area you need to grow in. What do you need to learn? Ask God to reveal what new skill set is necessary. You are at this point of your journey for a specific purpose. Stop fighting it and just allow God to teach & train you for where He is trying to take you. Stop complaining about your journey & begin to grow & develop from it. The same way you couldn't jump from being 3 years old to 5 years old you can't jump from one level to another in preparation for your purpose. Enjoy your journey. You will reach success only if you stay on course. #beblessed

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