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Your Words Have Power!

I don't think people really realize how much power lies in our ability to speak things into existence. It surprised me that it's actually true that a person can speak positively and positive things will happen. Just as a person can speak negative & negative things will happen. It was so shocking to me that the power of words have such an impact on reality. But I have discovered it is so true. There has been research done on this subject. There have been studies & so much more just to prove that the things we speak do have impact on how we think, behave, & even what we attract into our lives.

I want you to think about something that was spoken to you that was good or bad that you can still remember. How did it feel? Do you think that effected any of your actions? maybe it did, maybe it didn't. I beleive that it did whether you realize it or not. I can hear the things my mom would tell me when I was younger and now that I am grown those things still play back in my mind. Do you have something that was spoken to you that still plays back in your mind? Is it a positive or a negative thing? That my friend is the power of words. You were effected by what someone said & it's still in your mind to this day.

I believe the Bible directly as well as in-directly shows us the power that we have by simply speaking about things. The Bible makes it clear that life & death are in the power of our mouths. What you say can change what you see. We have to learn to speak not what we see but what we believe. We speak not for what it is, but for what it has the potential to become. This I how we use the power of our words. We speak to things that are not as though they are. Why? Because we believe! The woman with an issue of blood spoke to herself not about what her situation was but about what she believed. When she began speaking what she believed her belief became reality.

I want to encourage you to begin speaking to what you believe your situation can become. Speak your belief into existence. Just because you may not see it right away doesn't mean it won't happen. Some things take time to manifest in reality. The power of words works through out the process of time. Today begin speaking to yourself and to your situation. Who are you becoming? What will your situation turn out to be? Today begin to speak positivity into your children. Tell them how smart they are. When they misbehave, encourage them by telling them you're upset that they are acting less than they are. Inspire them to believe in themselves. Your words have power in their minds whether you believe it or not. I want to encourage you today to change how you speak about yourself & the things and people in your life. However you speak is the direction it will go. How are you using the power of your words? Are you building people up or are you breaking people down? Are you empowering or are you enslaving? Your words have power, use that power constructively not destructively. #beblessed

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