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3 Things Necessary for Your Success

This blog is for those who seek to make their mark in the world and leave their mark after they die. This is for those who have a dream, vision, or a goal they want to accomplish. For those who are thinking about or have already started a business this is for you as well. I want to be that voice of guidance & encouragement that I never had. Here are 3 simple but very vital things that are needed to ensure your success:

  1. Know Your Vision/Purpose – I believe this is 1st among the 3 things that are necessary for anyone’s success. There can be no success if you have no clear idea of what success is to you. Your Vision or purpose is the heading & your efforts follow. It becomes the reason for your actions & enthusiasm. Without vision you become like a ship without a clear direction just drifting in the water. Purpose is the stabilizing point of all your actions. It becomes the filter for how you spend your time & your money. The first thing one must do is identify what it is they intend to achieve. Find your purpose & have a vision first.

  1. Plan Your Work/ Goal Setting – Figure out everything you will need to do in order to make your dream a reality. Set small goals you can achieve that will lead you to your main goal. People who don't set goals end up just having dreams without any accomplishment. It’s great to have a vision but you will never reach that vision without proper planning & goal setting. Your plan is the path that you walk towards bringing your vision to life. This gives you the “how” to spend your time, money, & resources. What is the first step towards your vision? What is the first thing that is necessary for your vision to begin? When you start planning you answer these questions and you develop an understanding of all that is necessary. This step is also important because it will show you whether or not you actually have the correct purpose. As you plan you start to see the kind of work & the amount of effort that is required on a consistent basis. It’s during planning process that some people re-identify their purpose because they realize the work behind the scenes it is not something they initially contemplated. Some people discover a renewed sense of energy because they are one step closer to realizing their vision. When you plan you save yourself time, energy, & effort. To plan is to work smarter not harder.

  1. Work Your Plan – This is the final but most important part of reaching success in any area of life. Everybody wants success but nobody wants to put in the necessary amount of work to achieve it. I must tell you that it will take enormous amounts of working the plan before you see the result you want. I can assure you that without working your plan you never see anything. The most important thing to remember is that you will only get out of it whatever you put into it. Your level of success is directly related to how much time you have been working. Nothing will come together without you. I think it’s also important to stress the importance of being consistent in your work. It’s better to do a little everyday than to do a lot one day a week. Be consistent! Work your plan until you see the result that you want to see. As you go you may have to adjust your work but don’t stop working. Think of the work as thrust for your vision. It will not get off the ground without it.

I hope this has at helped you along your way towards chasing your vision. If you can think of any more steps to success feel free to leave them in the comments below. #beinspired

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