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Be Resilient

Of the many things I have discovered that are necessary for success I am amazed at how many people overlook and undervalue the need to be resilient. It seems like everyone wants to be successful over night without any challenge, adversity, or opposition. I have seen people who say they believe in themselves but as soon as they face significant adversity they quit & walk away. I am here to tell you that there is ABSOLUTELY no way to accomplish anything of great significance in your life if you don't learn to be resilient.

One of the things I discovered in my aspiration to create my vision is that people are more prone to say no & close doors before they open them. Things don't immediately go up at first. Nobody is willing to invest into your dream or idea. Not to mention nobody believes in you because nobody knows who you are except your family & friends. You're lucky if you get one or two people who will believe in what you're trying to build. There are so many setbacks. Money leaves faster than it comes in & many people when they get the courage to try & make their dream come true fall flat on their face.

I want to be transparent when I tell you I decided to walk away from my idea. It was too hard investing all my time & money into this idea that was yielding no sign of growth or progress. I was discouraged, disappointed, exhausted, & broke. It was time. . . or so I thought. I believe God allows defeat in our lives to teach us different things but what do you do when you get knocked down while trying to bring your vision to life? The answer isn't popular or common. It isn't complicated or fancy but it's simple: you're going to have to learn to become resilient!

This is for anyone who is experiencing difficulty or defeat. It's for those who have quit or are thinking about quitting. Quitting does NOT lead to success being RESILIENT does! In life you will be knocked down, you will be told no, you will be overlooked and spoken against. You will be discouraged & you will experience defeat. You have to be able to accept defeat while at the same time be able to tell yourself that you will not quit because of it. The ability to be resilient is the ability to not let anything kill your belief. I had to develop the mindset that if I got knocked down i was only knocked down to give me the time I needed to rethink my strategy. I had to learn to take the feelings of anger & pain & recycle them into fuel that could push me to keep going. Every time I got disappointed, every time I fell down, every time someone said that I was crazy & that I would never reach my vision I recycled it as fuel. I took all the negative & I prayed harder, pushed harder, & searched harder until I found a better strategy.

The thing I developed was a resilient mindset! This choice you have made to create your vision isn't something that you're just trying out this is something you must resolve to make happen. You have to change your mindset from hopefully this will work into what do you have to do for this to work. Learn to be resilient & don't take no for an answer. Figure out a new strategy & try it again. There is a story in the Bible that reflects resilience to me in Genesis. Jacob was wrestling with an angel & the angel says to him "Jacob let me go." Jacob's response is what inspired me to be more resilient. He says to the angel "I'm not going to let you go until you BLESS ME!" That line has become my mantra. I will not stop until I get what I am chasing. I will not give up until I see my vision come to reality. I will not let go until God blesses me with EVERYTHING He said I could have! #beresilient

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