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Appreciate The Rain

I remember in elementary school we learned about how plants and trees grow. We were learning about all the different processes that must take place in order for a small seed smaller than the tip of a finger to grow into sizes well beyond the size of a 5 story building. It was an amazing lesson. What I learned in my elementary school class was that a plant didn’t just need sunlight to grow but it also needed fertilizer, and water. I discovered that without those key elements working simultaneously it would be impossible for a seed to take root properly & you could potentially risk the seed not growing at all. As I get older many of the lessons I learned in school have taken on tremendous meaning as I experience things in my adult life. I can’t help but see the similarity between having “sunny days” in life as well as “rainy days”.

I want you to consider all the things you want to do and accomplish in your life. We all want to progress and move forward to higher heights. We all want to grow as the plant and go from being small to being great. The issue is we want this to happen while only having sunny days. We most certainly don’t like or enjoy having rainy days in our lives. The question that I pose to you is how can there be any significant growth or expansion if the necessary ingredients that bring about growth & expansion are removed? The answer is it will never happen. I was wondering why nothing was happening in my life. Why wasn’t I in the place I had anticipated I would be in life at the time I thought I would be there. As I sought out answers I came to a very profound understanding: I had been denying myself the necessary ingredients to grow. I was stubborn & hard headed. I wanted things to happen on my own terms. Needless to say, I was standing in my own way & I was closed. One day as I was waiting on my bus to come it started to rain. I remember thinking “God why would you allow me to get caught in this weather knowing I am on the bus?” I got so angry at God. I wanted God to hold the rain until after I got inside so I would be able to stay dry. I complained & complained to God. Finally, I got home all soaked and wet & looked out my patio window. To my surprise the sun had come out. At that specific moment the thought came to my mind that God had put me out there at that specific time just so I WOULD be caught in the rain. It was then and there that I realized that God had orchestrated the entire event just to teach me a frustrating but a needed lesson: I need sunshine in my life but I also need rain.

You may not understand the significance of my story as I did but I can assure you that if God is allowing you to experience a little rain in your life it’s because He wants you to grow. You can’t grow without rain it’s simple as that. God is not going to shield you from being rained on because the rain is exactly what you need. I initially got mad because I wanted God to do something but I didn’t realize He was doing something greater. God won’t shelter you from rain if you need to be watered. Today consider that God just may have you in a rainy life experience because you need to be watered. Stop asking God to move it & start asking God to reveal the lesson in it so that you can soak it in. Everything happens for a reason. We must learn to trust God. His job is to help us grow. Just as the farmer plants the seed in the ground because he knows what is inside of the seed, God has planted you because He knows what’s in you! The only way He can get you to your FULL potential is if He allows sunshine, fertilizer, as well as some rain. If you’ve been complaining to God stop. Apologize and let Him know that you want to trust Him. Let Him know that you want to get wherever He is trying to take you. Today I want to remind you to stop running from the rain in your life and begin to soak it in. The rainy days are necessary so learn & grow from them. Don’t just appreciate the sunshine appreciate the rain in your life as well. I can assure you the rain is there for a significant reason. #beblessed

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