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Believe In YOU! You’re Capable

I think one of the hardest things for some people to do is to believe in themselves. One of the main objectives of my vision is to simply inspire people to believe in themselves. But why is it so hard? What makes believing in yourself so difficult? Personally, I think it comes down to our experiences. When we experience success it’s easy to believe in ourselves to try something new. Adversely when we experience failure it becomes difficult to believe in trying something new. For many the experience of success or defeat pushes us to believe or pulls us away from believing. The question I began asking is how can we inspire people to believe again after their initial belief has been shattered by the disappointment of defeat? The answer to this question is one of the core reasons that I started T.G.M.

We have been trained to feel however our experiences tell us to feel. From childhood we have been trained to label our experiences good or bad. From this base understanding when we experience something we have labeled as bad, our feelings follow. Vice versa when experiencing something good our feelings follow. This is what I believe to be the problem. We have labeled things bad that aren’t necessarily bad. Sometimes things do feel bad, but ultimately work out for good. Here’s a question: Would you consider a nasty tasting medicine bad or good? Of course we would agree that the taste of the medicine doesn’t have significance when it comes to our labeling the medicine. We label the medicine good because ultimately the medicine will be good against the sickness no matter how it tastes. If we could only put that in perspective in life! Sometimes we experience things that feel bad but ultimately work for our good. Is that a good experience or a bad experience? Yes it felt (tasted) bad but it ultimately worked for your good! Who’s to say that what you have labeled as a failure was really a success in discovery. What you thought was a failure or a failed experience was actually a lesson that you needed to learn for your growing process! You’re NOT a failure!

Today I want you to begin to redefine your level of capacity. Don’t label yourself, your capacity, or your potential incorrectly anymore. Today I want you to begin to see that every experience in your life is either a success or a lesson but never a failure. If something didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, begin to seek out the reasons as to why. When you find those answers begin to ask yourself what can you do different when you try again or try something else. What you can’t do is decide that you are never going to try again. Learn from your mistakes & grow! Today change your thought process from doubt to belief. Nothing you have endured killed you which means you’re a survivor. Do you know what you’re made of? I once asked God why was life so hard for us as human beings. Why does everything have to be so difficult. His response was shocking. He showed me that He created us with so much power & potential that many people don’t live up to. The only way to bring to the surface what He has put inside is to create an environment that pulls it out. All of your experiences are only meant to pull out the greatness that God has buried inside of you! You haven’t even began to tap into your strengths yet. Life isn’t to there to break you, it’s designed to uncover things about you that you didn’t realize were inside of you. Today decide to RELEASE yourself to be ALL that God has created you to be. You are more than you have become. Dig down deep inside and begin to BELIEVE in YOU! #beinspired

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