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Progress Through Your Problems

One of the things I have found in my dealings with people is that people do not like dealing with problems. I have encountered more people who want the highest positions in life because they believe the position will give them more freedom & less problems. The truth however is the higher the position the more problems you have to deal with. There is absolutely no way that a person will achieve success, get a promotion, launch a business, or any other desirable thing in life without dealing with and overcoming problems.

It turns out that problems are more certain to come your way than success. As a matter of fact it's a guarantee that problems will ALWAYS be a part of your life. You may not ever be successful but I can assure you that you will have problems. No matter who you are or where you are in life problems will be there. That sucks doesn't it. Here's the good news though, it is possible to not only overcome problems but benefit & progress because of problems. There is opportunity in opposition you just have to train your mind to seek it out. One of the topics I talk about on the show (Maximize Your Life) is the power of perception. If you can only see the problem you will always have a problem. If you begin to train your mind to find a way to progress through that problem you will set yourself up to not only reach a solution but also benefit from it as well.

There is a scripture in the Bible that says we are more than

conquerors. I remember wondering how can a person be more than a conqueror? How can you & I surpass being a conqueror? Conquerors only win. We not only win we benefit because of problems. Think of that. That is saying there is potential to turn what seems to be a problem into a profitable success. That is saying we have the power to turn our problems into our next level of progression.

Today I want you to begin to rewire your mindset & change your mentality. Your problems will not go away so stop waiting for them to. Stop asking God to remove them. On the contrary what if I told you that God uses problems to make us elevate our thinking. Consider when you were in school taking a test. The problems on the test were designed to make you incorporate whatever new information you learned into your thinking process in order to solve the problems. In solving the problems you had to elevate your thinking. I want you to consider that God may be using your problems to push you to elevate your thinking. When a problem comes in my life I immediately begin to asses my thinking. I don't complain, I don't ask why, I start trying to find a solution. If I can't figure out a solution at the moment I begin diligently seeking one out. The reason I don't get frustrated is because I don't see the problem as a problem. I see the problem as my blessing in disguise. It could be very thing that catapults my church, my business, or my vision to the next level. Change your thinking from frustration to elevation. Don't see problems as setbacks start seeing them as setups. God is setting you up you go to the next level. The problem is there to lift you higher. The more problems you solve, the closer you are to achieving your goals & realizing your dreams. Don't just solve the problem, PROGRESS through it.

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