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Success Is A Habit: It takes Development

I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought that I would excel through life quickly and easily after I finished school. I thought that the world would quickly accept and gravitate to my ideas, & life would be generally easy because I was special. While the latter was & is true (no matter what anyone else thinks lol) life quickly taught me that it wasn't going to easily or quickly give me anything. I had to learn a hard lesson that I am going to share with you. The lesson is simply this: success is a habit.

I share this because many of us don't view success as a habit. Most people see success as an opportunity. The reality is without the habit of success the opportunity will never present itself. If you are waiting for your opportunity my response is are you ready to produce consistently. Virtually anyone can produce a one time achievement but success comes from the ability to not just do it once but to do it again & again & consistently exceed expectations. The only way to be consistent is work ethic. How well can you do a thing with excellence consistently. This is where I find people become unsuccessful. It's not in the one time success, but over time attempting to repeat their previous success or going beyond one level to the next level.

I learned that success comes through habit. The habit of working to bring your talent or gift to it's greatest potential. It's a habit of evaluating what you do well as well as what you don't do well. If I was to follow your daily routine would I be able to see you working to perfect your gift/talent? I read a great quote that said "Your ability to excel or decline is found in what you do everyday." Success is a habit. It is a daily decision to cultivate your gift or talent to bring it to it's greatest potential. It's not a one day thing but it's an EVERYDAY thing.

Today I want you to adopt the habit of success. Apply yourself

to being a better you & being better at what you do. I believe that true belief in yourself pushes you to discipline/train yourself to be as sharp as you can be in whatever your field may be. I don't just aspire to be great I aspire to be the GREATEST! The drive comes from within. Drive yourself to be better than you were yesterday. I don't look at anyone else in my field accept those who I look to as mentors. The reason I do that is because I don't want to see anyone else but myself, how I can improve myself & reach my goals.

The greatest thing about the habit of success is that it can be built up over time. You may be reading this & thinking that you could probably do a little better at working on your craft. I'm here to tell you that if you're not good at it you can work towards it. Start small. Today take 30 minutes to dedicate to learning more about your field or take 30 minutes to go over your ideas pertaining to your field. The point is getting in routine of expanding your thoughts about what it is you are passionate about. Growth is possible if you are willing to put in the effort. Habits are built daily. The only thing about a habit is you have to start it & then continue it. Start building the habit of success today so that you see the fruition in your experience tomorrow.

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