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Trust The Process! Struggle Builds Strength

Since I was a child I realized that there will always be someone who is more gifted, talented, better looking, & better qualified than me. I'm not surprised at this fact. What does surprise me however is the fact that these gifted, talented, smart, charismatic people don't always succeed in life. I was amazed at how many people had so many things going for them but yet ended up turning out to be regular, average people. It turns out that many people are weeded out by the process.

This process that I speak of is the process of becoming. Nobody is willing to devote the time & discipline necessary to achieve greatness. Very few are willing to change themselves in relation to where they are trying to go. Even fewer will let go of all the things and people necessary for them to reach higher heights. Ultimately what I have found is that very few people become great success stories because when the road to the destination gets difficult, many people simply turn to something that is easier.

I am writing this to encourage anyone who has the desire to

reach higher, achieve more, or become great. This is for entrepreneurs looking to advance in business and excel at their business or anyone else who has the courage to persue their inner passion in life. My words to you are TRUST YOUR PROCESS! Your struggle is building strength. I have set myself on the path to achieve more & be the best Marcus I can be & I have discovered that it's a difficult task. I am constantly challenged and deal with obstacles daily. There are many times I have to remind myself that if it was easy everyone would be doing it. The simple truth is the process & journey to success is hard. It's hard to create something from nothing and then get momentum. The fact that it is hard is the reason why you must continue to MOVE TOWARDS YOUR GOALS & ultimately TOWARDS YOUR DREAM! The process is designed to weed out all those unworthy of receiving the prize at the end of the process.

I want to remind you that everyone who is a great success now is not a success because they're more gifted than everyone else. It's not because they're smarter than everyone else. But it's because they didn't quit during the difficult parts of the process. The journey you have decided to travel is an extremely difficult one. Not many can find the courage & perseverance to keep going. I want you to do one thing for me: close your eyes & take a second to visualize your idea of success. . . visualize it. How does it smell? How does it feel? Now every time you think the process is too hard close your eyes and visualize. Visualize what great prize awaits at the end of your process. Don't quit during this time, now is the time to push harder. One of the motivational speakers I listen to (the great E.T.) said don't cry to quit, but cry to keep going! If you must cry, cry because you believe your vision so much that you won't let go. I want you to partner with me and say this "I will not let go of my vision, but I will keep holding on until my vision becomes REALITY! I will reach my goal & accomplish my dream! THERE IS NO PLAN B!"

I'm going to give you a 3 step exercise that I do every morning to remind myself to trust the process & that my dream is worth it:

1. Every morning write your vision & visualize it - I do this to remember why I will continue no matter how hard it gets

2. Write down your goals for the day - Whatever you have to do to move your business forward for that day write it down & commit to finishing those things (baby steps count as long as you're moving forward)

3. Ask God for strength and courage - Strength to push through the obstacles & courage to continue to believe in yourself no matter what you may have to face.

You're carving out your own path & some may not understand but don't give up & don't quit! God can do amazing things if you can believe in Him & believe in yourself! #stayencouraged

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