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Sex: God's Gift to Marriage

Sex: Gods gift For Marriage

The elephant in the room. The unspoken element. The subject too "taboo" for the “church folk”, Sex! Although it’s not talked about as frequently as it should be, it’s a very vital part of any successful marriage. What is the purpose of Sex?? What was God's intent? Why is it so important or not that important?

First let me say that Gods design and purpose for sex was not solely procreation, although that's one of the benefits of it. Sex was designed as a means to create a lasting bond between a man and a woman. It’s the physical joining which seals the covenant between the two. Biblically it’s the final physical joining AFTER emotional, mental, and spiritual joining. Mind, heart, spirit, & then bodies become one & thus making them “one flesh.” That's why it feels so good, and at the risk of getting to graphic, that's why we (as male & female) "fit". In the Garden of Eden, When Adam and Eve had intercourse, The Bible states that Adam "knew" Eve. That's important. It wasn't a ritual, "let me get this over with" event. It was a bonding experience between a husband and his wife. But because of the lack of importance (so many Christians have deemed it) it has become a point of contention in the Christian sect. It’s viewed as not vital or it shouldn't be a relationship priority. Another reason it’s become such a contentious point, is because the secularism of sex has devalued its importance to Christians. So instead of looking at it as a bonding experience, we look at it as that's what drives and controls worldly people. What we have to understand is Sex is one of Gods greatest gifts. Regardless of what the world has declared Sex to be, Sex is DESIGNED by God. There’s a reason it feels Good, It’s a reason it makes you feel closer to your spouse. I can go into scientific research about, stress release, endorphins, etc., but I won’t. We all as adults know how it makes us feel (lol). The problem comes when we devalue sex. Problems are inevitable when we take for granted and devalue the gifts given from our God. Husbands, Your body belongs to your WIFE! Wives, Your body belongs to your HUSBAND! The bedroom is undefiled when the covenant has been made. Enjoy it, do it as often as possible. Be creative, it’s a gift, and it’s okay for us as married saints to enjoy it. It is Good and it can always be that way of you don't take it for granted. Enjoy the gifts of God. Be Blessed.

-Rev Reggie

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