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A Must Read For Single Men

To be created a man is a great blessing! I say this taking nothing from the female gender. God has given us as males a great gift. God made us naturally driven creatures. Driven by our inner belief and drive to get things done & make things happen. It’s called TESTOSTERONE. It gives us the inner instinct to GO! What makes us unique in creation is that God granted us the gift to not only to be driven inwardly, but also to think logically enough to create a strategy. A point of physical contact to bring our thoughts to reality. These basic qualities together form the foundation that makes us men. It is what makes us desirable & irresistible to the female gender. We cannot ever get to a place where we lose these main male qualities.

Of course there are other qualities that make the man complete, but these are two that are general and stable qualities of the male gender. If you are lacking either of these basic qualities this could be your reason for being single.

While being driven is a desirable quality it is NOT productive to be driven without a destination or cause. I call this “Passion without Purpose”. To have a drive without a dream ends in wasted time. Only God can show you what your true purpose really is. Your purpose will tell you what you should be investing your time and effort into. The worst thing a man can end up with is a life with nothing to show for your effort. We as men must take the time to allow God to give our life a destination. The only way to reach this desired destination is through discipline.

Being single gives us the freedom to live our lives without the sense of “control” or “boundary” because of a woman or our parents. It may sound very crazy but this is the phase that we as men must go through. This process is intended to teach us to control ourselves. We must experience life without restraints because it teaches a man to live a life guided by his own morals. The single experience is a necessity in every man’s life. It teaches the man to control himself. Don’t rush through this difficult process, but allow God to deal with you as a man. He has ordered your steps to this place because He is trying to speak to you. God wants to mold you on a personal level. It is His will that we as men can stand strong. God can use one man to create nations. A man who is disciplined and driven can overcome any obstacle. This is proven with Moses. One man liberated an entire nation. Consider how much God can do through you! God has you here at this place for a reason. Don’t allow your lust to control you, instead allow God to teach you to harness that inner power to push you to into your purpose and calling. Give God a chance to talk to you & lead you to your true purpose. CONTROL YOURSELF! You will see your behavior and your life begin to change!

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