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Is Speaking in Tongues Necessary To Be Saved?

I have heard many theories about salvation. I have heard even more about the significance of speaking in tongues. One theory that I have heard is the idea that unless one speaks in tongues they can't be saved. Another closely related theory is that without speaking in tongues one can't (or doesn't) have the "sign" of the Holy Spirit. This may come as a shock to some but according to the Bible, these theories are WRONG.

Fist I would like to say that there are many people who want to make themselves seem more "spiritual" than they actually are. I believe this is the basis for these kinds of teaching. If one truly wants to present the truth of the word of God, and teach others to live according to it's principles then careful study should be practiced. It is easy to twist a scripture to make it fit to one's personal agenda. This is why the scripture tells us to study to show ourselves approved. This will prevent our minds from being swayed by false doctrine.

The theory of speaking in tongues gets it's origin from the day of Pentecost found in Acts ch. 2. In this text the disciples and all the believers were meeting together in one place and then it happened. The Holy Spirit came in and filled the room and there appeared to be tongues of fire that settled on each of them. Notice V.4: They began speaking with other tongues. This can be seen as a tongue that no man can understand until you read through verse 8. Verse 6 clearly states that every man heard his own tongue. Verse 8 accompanies this by stating that every man heard his own language wherein he was born.

This tongue that the scripture describes was actually the Holy Spirit enabling men to speak in different languages that they originally weren't able to speak. Simply put, the Spirit caused them to speak Spanish, English, German, etc. whatever language of nationality that was present. Keep in mind that there were men in attendance from every nation and tongue. What better way to give Christianity a platform to spread than to let every nation hear the Gospel message in his own language. This is the truth of scripture. The Holy Spirit enables Christianity to be nationally recognized from a single place.

In conclusion, the evidence of the Holy Spirit is not demonstrated in the speaking of tongues neither is salvation found in speaking in tongues. The way to be saved is found in Romans 10:9. If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart you shall be saved. It's simple as that. The true indication of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit however is made evident in character. This is found in Galatians 5:22. The evidence of the Holy Spirit is proven when we exhibit the fruit of the spirit. That is the evidence. Anyone can quote what the Bible says, but it takes study and revelation to bring understanding as to what the scripture means. It is my desire that the truth be lifted from scripture so that true liberation can be found. Not in a citation of scripture but through study and understanding of scripture. Thanks for reading I do welcome comments and questions!

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