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1 Response to the Manchester Bombing: Hope Begins to Heal

First of all let me say I think it is absolutely ridiculous to hurt and kill innocent people in the name of any religion. It’s such a contradiction to express belief in a deity only to turn around and destroy creation. Even more ridiculous is the thought that such acts of violence will be rewarded! Absolute INSANITY. How could someone go into a place where young children are present and still go through with killing? I will never even begin to comprehend this kind of psyche.

I recently watched a movie about such things taking place in our country. It was about the bombing in Boston. I watched how three bombs effected so many people. It would seem, that with everything that was lost, those people would be distraught. I would’ve expected people would stay home in fear and never feel safe in public again. Fear I believe is the true intention of these types of terrorist groups. They seek to strike fear in our hearts & bring shame on our American way of life. They intend to make us lock ourselves inside of our homes in fear. What I saw on that movie, and what I have come to love about America is our ability to put differences aside and come together when necessary for the greater good.

I am not one to say that everyone is noble in America. There is crime and things that happen in this country that are unfair, but I love the fact that the vast majority of us who live in this country believe in doing what’s right. We have a belief in our hearts that no matter the negative, positive will prevail. No matter how much hate, love will prevail. I believe that is what makes America the great country we are. There is nothing that can snuff out our spirit of hope.

Initially looking at these recent bombings and past tragedies, I saw them as things lost. I saw them as things that had been taken away from us, but God allowed me to learn something different. I learned that God can bring good out of any bad situation. They thought they took something from us, instead they gave us something greater: a renewed sense of UNITY! After those tragedies we as Americans came together like I had never seen before. Through the horrible acts of violence we came up out of the ashes & rose once again to strength and power. I believe that as long as this country allows God to be our moral source & strength we shall not be defeated.

To the families that have been effected by the most recent or any mass tragedy I am praying for you and your family. I want to remind you that God has a legacy of bringing bad stories to good endings. My God specializes in bringing the good out of any bad situation & He can bring triumph through any tragedy. In wake of these bombings let us stay prayerful & watchful. I pray that God fight for the innocent in breaking up every terrorist cell that is in operation! God, I pray that you fight those battles that we cannot. Look down on us and vindicate God. The blood of the innocent cries out to you oh God. Fight for us.

Let us pray for the families who lost loved ones, let us pray for those who were injured and who will have to live with what they experienced, and let us pray for our country. God be with them and heal what has been broken. Our God we ask that you fight for us!

Thanks for reading. . .

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