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Homosexuality vs. Fornication

I want to start by saying that I myself am not biased. I believe that if God says it's sin then it is sin no matter what sin it is. However I would like to point out the incorrect practice of putting emphasis on certain types of sins while overlooking other sins. My understanding of the Bible is that there is no bigger sin or a smaller sin. I do agree that different sin has different effects on people's lives but from God's perspective all sin can potentially send you to hell.

I want to point out that homosexuality has the same effect on a person's spiritual condition as fornication or adultery. It has the same effect as lying, cheating, stealing, and murder. Why then do some blatantly call out homosexuality while not blatantly calling out the other sins? I believe that all sin is the same. This is not in any way to excuse any sin, I simply believe that if you're going to call out one sin blatantly you should do the same against all others.

Let me say that everyone should be respectful to the house of God. If you're a homosexual it's disrespectful to be hugged up with your significant other in the house of God. The same way a married person shouldn't be hugged up with the person they're having an affair with. However if a preacher was going to call out one sin, it's only right that he call out the other sins in the church. It is not the preacher's job to make anyone feel judged, but it is our responsibility as Christians to preserve order and respect in God's house.

God can change the adulterer, the fornicator, and the homosexual. There is no one that God's grace cannot reach. The church is not the place where clean people come, it's the place where spiritually unclean people come. We are not to make people feel judged when they come to church. It is our job to show the love of Christ. No sin is greater than the other.

As Christians we should seek to restore not abolish. Our job is not to destroy sin, that is God's job. Our job as Christians is to be ambassadors of reconciliation (2 Cor. 5: 19-20). Jesus says let the wheat and the tares grow together until He instructs the harvester to separate (Mat. 13: 29-30). This means it's not our job to uproot sin, it's God's job. Our duty is to show His love. We cannot make preference of which sin we like the most. We can simply teach a love and respect for the character of God and the House of God.

In conclusion we as ministers can't look over any sin, but we can't set ourselves in the judgement seat to judge anyone either. All we can do is remind others not to allow the sin in their life to control their motives and actions. Sin is sin and all sin will be judged by God, but not us.

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