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One Crazy Thing I Learned About God

Growing up I was introduced to the kind of God that seemed to want me to die in my sins. I'm sure plenty of us have heard this idea of God. I was led to believe that He is just waiting for the opportunity to pronounce judgement and destroy us. However as I got older and really started to learn and study God It became clear that God is NOTHING like what I had originally believed. It was like I had a revelation!

Why would God send His only Son to die for me to be saved if He wanted to send me to hell? Logically it would seem to me that If God really wanted me to die He would've just kept His son & killed me & everyone else. But He didn't do that. Contrary to popular opinion, God not only wants to see us saved and blessed but He invested His Son in our survival. To whoever may be reading this don't let anyone try to scare you with that false idea of God. That idea is COMPLETELY WRONG! God loves us and He wants us to live happy and healthy lives.

The thoughts about my theory of God led me to pray honestly to Him. I was completely honest with God about everything good and bad. I confessed to God all my worst with the hopes that He would help me do better. I will share this sad but true fact that While I was honestly trying to do better many "religious" people were criticizing me. I would've felt bad but something amazing started happening... God started talking back to me. Imagine that! These "so saved, religious" people were telling me that I was on my way to hell, but God was communicating with me trying to lead me to heaven. It blew my mind! I started to talk to God more frequently about personal things and to my surprise God wasn't as judge-mental as some people led me to believe.

What I did come to learn about God is that He is very forgiving, patient, and loving. He began to direct me on how to clean up the sin in my life and I could actually see Him steering my life in an upward direction.

Another thing I learned about God is that He won't give up on you like so many other people will. He didn't give up on me, in fact He helped me work through my issues. He actually led me to people and resources that helped get my life back on track. When people told me no and closed their doors God would open a new one. Honestly God is still helping me work through some issues even now. (Whoever this is for) I want to share something I heard This Bishop on T. V. say and that is: "even though you messed up don't give up!" People can criticize you all they want but God is the only one who can put you in hell.

If I could share something else that will change your idea about God it would be this: God is not going to kill you for having an issue. I can tell you this though, God doesn't like it when you have an issue but then act like you don't. I have learned that God really gets annoyed by people who are fake. Especially church people. What if I told you that All God wants from you is your honesty. Would you believe that's all God wants? I'm telling you it's that simple. No games, no get blessed quick schemes, just simple truth. All that time I thought God wanted me to be something different and all He wanted was my honesty. Stop lying to yourself and just be honest with God. Just try this, try to simply start being honest and real with God. I mean tell Him when you're getting weak and you need help not to sin. Church people may judge you but God won't. God will love you through your issues. Christianity is a growing process.

Thank you for reading! Please share this, I beleive people need to know the REAL God. feel free to comment and email me topics you want me to blog about. Tell people about this blog! Share it #spreadtheword

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