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Judge-mental Church Folk

I have to say that I am annoyed by judge-mental church folk. I have nothing against them personally but I can't be around them for long periods of time. It is very surprising that people have turned the church into an exclusive "club members only" type of gathering. Doesn't the Bible say all have sinned? Some people act like the Bible says "Ya'll have sinned." It's my intention that this blog appeals to the mind to inspire change.

Our responsibility is not to look around the church to point out who isn't living the perfect life. Our Job isn't to prove how perfect or "spiritual" we are to one another. our job is to point people to Christ who can handle all our shortcomings. I have flaws and I don't try to hide them in any way because I'm human. "He who is without sin throw the first stone." I don't live a perfect life I live a righteous life. When you get to the point that you can say a person is saved or not saved you open yourself to the same judgement (Mat. chapter 7). Just because your sins are hidden and someone else's sin may have come exposed doesn't give any of us the right to judge or criticize. Jesus says don't talk about the toothpick in my eye without removing the telephone pole in your eye. As Christians let's stop judging each other and learn to love each other. The world will never be saved by a judge-mental church.

Jesus wasn't sent to judge us He was sent to save us. Our message is a message of restoration not condemnation. Just like God loved me through my liquor, weed, and women chasing ways, He can love you through whatever your issues are too! I hope this is an encouragement to someone, thanks for reading. Please leave your comments. If there is a topic you want to read about you're welcome email me!

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