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New Kid on the Block

Hi this is Minister Marcus with my first post! This blog is designed to discuss and explore the reality of living the Christian life. Here I will help you deal with and better understand the frustrations that come along with trying to live Godly in an ungodly world. It is my intention to reveal the truth about God and what He really requires of us. So many churches take advantage of good honest people & I want to address those schemes here. I intend to discuss and expose all false teaching so that people will be liberated to live as God intended. There will also be different topics for you to read and engage about various things we as Christians (and those who are curious about being a Christian) can read and enjoy as well as be enlightened. Here I will let all my followers know when any new material will be released and where you can find it. feel free to comment and contact me with any questions, comments, or good topics that you would like to see discussed here. Be blessed! More posts are coming soon. Tell somebody about this blog and invite them to come, read, and share!

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