Today’s scripture reading:

Genesis 33: 1-20

Thought for The Day

Gen. 33: 10

“. . .What a relief it is to see your friendly smile.”

A great number of people look back with regret on some of the decisions they made when they were younger. There are some things about our past that still have the power to haunt us to this day. The common term for these painful memories are skeletons in the closet.


Some past mistakes are easily forgotten while others are not. Often, one doesn’t acknowledge the immaturity of their actions until years later when they become completely different people. It is at these times that our past mistakes are thrust to the forefront. This only means it’s time to face them and overcome them.


Today, I want you to look in the mirror and declare to yourself, “Who I was is not who I am.” Say it out loud! There are things about your past that will try to haunt you, but this is the day you break every tie with the person you used to be and stand as the person you are now. This can only happen when you honestly face your past mistakes. You need to acknowledge that you have done some things you regret. Yes, you have made some bad choices, that’s part of being human. Growth is when you can accept your mistakes without making excuses and face the situation, accepting the consequences. The way to a brand-new beginning is acknowledging and learning from the past. If God has brought your past into your present, He is allowing you the opportunity to make peace with it and move forward. Let your past mistakes go. They no longer define who you are in God. You are more than your past mistakes. God has brought you face to face with your past so you can finally close that chapter of your life. Don’t repeat past mistakes, instead learn from them and use them as opportunities for growth. Make peace with your past so you can be free to move forward into your future.