Today’s Scripture Reading:
Genesis 22: 1 - 19


Thought for the Day

Gen. 22: 1

…God tested Abraham’s faith…


Today, remember that God will test your faith


Peaceful times don’t reveal whether a person’s belief is solid. Anyone can show faith amidst favorable circumstances. One way to inspect a person’s true level of faith is when they face adversity.


God’s method of examination can sometimes be misunderstood. We think adverse circumstances mean that God is displeased with us. Sometimes this is true, for the bible states that if we are his children, he will discipline us when we do wrong. This discipline may involve difficulties to get our attention, however, other times God allows difficult situations to happen in order to test the strength of our faith.


Today, I want to inform you that God is going to test your faith. It is not a question of if, but when. Consider that God tested Abraham right before He confirmed His future blessing. When God begins to test you, it’s because He wants to see if you’re ready for elevation, and he does so by having you go through an evaluation. Have you considered that perhaps the things you have been faced with are a test of your faith? It is very possible that your present struggle could be God inspecting the strength of your faith. During the trial, it will seem like God has forced you into a corner with limited or no options; and at times it will seem as if he is not even listening to you. When this happens, remember God has you here for a reason. He wants to see if your faith is genuine. God wants to see if you will trust in Him because of who he is instead of for what he does for you. Job describes the best way to respond to your test in Job 23: 10. “…After He has tried me I shall come forth as pure gold.”


This was Job’s way of saying, “even through the difficult times I didn’t lose faith.” Maybe God wants to examine your faith today. Let Him know that you will trust Him no matter what. Let God see your faith unwavering, even in the face of challenges. Be encouraged; after the testing comes the blessing!

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